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World Market Intelligence brings together business intelligence from some of the world's foremost B2B publishers within one unique solution. Offering a combination of unique content & functionality, as well as comprehensive country, city, market and company information, WMI is an invaluable tool for students, researchers and academic departments worldwide.

What you get access to:

Market Intelligence

  • Market dashboards tracking 23 key industry sectors across 50+ countries
  • 2,250+ market profiles
  • Interactive databases, enabling you to quickly identify & compare trends within our extensive market datasets
  • 17,000+ curated market indicators & drivers

Competitive Intelligence

  • 75,000+company profiles including SWOT analyses for the top 10,000
  • Quarterly and annual company financials

Country & City Intelligence

  • 100 country dashboards
  • Macroeconomic data feeds covering 200+ countries
  • 100 country profiles, providing analysis of the key economic, political and social indicators
  • Thousands of high-frequency indicators tracked across 50 cities
  • 100+ city profiles, with new cities added every month

News & Events

  • 400,000 news articles tracking key economic, industry & competitive events each year
  • 50,000+ financial deals tracked per annum

Benefits for Librarians:

WMI is intuitively designed and is accessed via our unique dashboards which provide easy and student friendly access to meaningful data and analysis for all users. WMI brings together business intelligence from world class sources providing unique and valuable data across the curriculum.

Benefits for Students:

WMI gives students access to an intuitive and simple-to-use business intelligence solution that is typically the reserve of corporate clients. Analyst-curated dashboards and data visualisation tools make it easy for students to quickly access and interpret complex data and analysis and remote access through Athens and Shibboleth means that use of WMI is not confined to the library.

Benefits to Faculty:

WMI provides unparalleled referenced resources and ensures that coursework really reflects the student learning environment. Core to WMI is a robust methodology with reports and analysis written by leading industry experts. Due to the quality, breadth and depth of the real life business content contained within WMI it also supports faculty members in their contributions to peer reviewed journals.