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WMI provides unparalleled access to 400,000+ unique news stories every year, which cover the latest economic, industry and competitive news events across 38 sectors and 200+ countries. Delivered via cutting edge search and navigation technology, the news you need is delivered efficiently and focused to your requirements.


  • Press releases from over 75,000 of the world's leading organizations are tracked in order to generate the most newsworthy coverage of the latest company and industry events
  • Thousands of government, trade body, sector-specific and general media websites analysed to identify the most important news for each sector and economy

WMI's international team of reporters create thousands of new industry, project and company articles every week meaning that our news database is constantly updated and added to on a daily basis. This depth of coverage means that the user can easily track the latest products, services and market trends, as well as strategic changes, M&A activity and regulatory changes across the industry sectors and interest areas that matter.