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WMI's unique City Profiles provide industry leading data, analysis and comment on the world’s most important cities with profiles added and updated on a daily basis by our dedicated team of analysts.

  • Tier 1 Cities - The leading cities are profiled in-depth using the PESTEL analytical framework. Analysis is also provided on the economic, security, operational and disaster risks faced by these cities. This is further augmented by sector specific insight covering the construction, tourism, retail, real estate and wealth industries
  • Tier 2 Cities - All other City Profiles offer analysis of economic performance and demographics and are supported by near-live feeds of the latest key performance indicators

The interactive nature of WMI, together with its advanced search tools and intuitive navigation, means that the city information that you require can be located, manipulated and presented in exactly the way that you want it.

The City Profiles featured on WMI are used every day by leading real estate developers, retailers, hotel, airline and professional services organizations. These profiles give users the edge when it comes to assessing key trends, demand drivers and benchmarking cities. They can also help users to understand local risk and regulatory environments so that they can accurately pinpoint the most suitable investment location opportunities.