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WMI offers an unprecedented level of coverage of 75,000+ of the world's leading companies and organizations. This coverage provides users with the deepest and most comprehensive view of hundreds of different industries and their value chains.

Coverage includes:

  • SWOT Analysis - Structured analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the top 10,000 companies worldwide
  • Reference Information - Up-to-date information on operations, products, services and key employees for all companies
  • Financials and KPIs - Regularly updated feeds of quarterly and annual financial results, plus key performance indicators
  • Latest News and Deals - Coverage of the latest company events, including strategic changes, operating result announcements and financial deals
  • Press Releases - The latest news direct from each company

With analysts located across the globe, WMI's company database is constantly being enhanced and updated using both primary and secondary research techniques. WMI's strict methodology and quality control processes ensure that all the data and information provided is accurate, timely and relevant.