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Dashboards: Visual, informative navigational aids

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Millions of pages of data, analysis and reference information are searched and processed in order to display the relevant content to support your research projects.

Our Dashboard solution is designed to generate the most interesting and appropriate results for a specific subject and present them as a highlights package, with analysis notes, data visualisation, key lists and latest content feeds. Should you need more information you can drill down into the detail of any data point through the links into deeper content sets and databases. What's more, we've designed tear sheets that enable you to quickly export a dashboard for use in your own presentations.

Dashboards are:

  • Focused - Each dashboard is built around a theme (i.e. a single economy or market)
  • Curated - Each component of the dashboard has been selected by our industry experts to ensure relevance to you
  • Regularly Updated - New and updated content flows into dashboards every day, so you always benefit from the latest data and analysis available

Dashboards enable you to:

  • Navigate - Each component of the dashboard is linked to the deeper database it was pulled from, providing ease of access to more detailed and complex datasets
  • Visualize - A wide variety of charts are used to help users quickly understand market dynamics
  • Contextualize - Dashboards provide extracts from and links to relevant economic drivers and market indicators for each country and sector
  • Analyze - Dashboards provide a rounded snapshot of an economy or market, leading companies, and the environment in which they operate
  • Stay Ahead - Track the latest news, deals, data and analysis as it is published
  • Export - Single-click access is provided to tear sheets in a variety of export formats, including Word, PDF and Powerpoint