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World Market Intelligence is an invaluable tool for those working on government research projects, providing millions of pages of data and analysis on countries, cities, market and companies worldwide. Whether you are conducting a quick market overview or detailed market assessment, WMI delivers the information and tools you need to complete projects successfully.

A subscription to WMI enables you to:

  • Benchmark country performance at a macro or sector-level using our economic and market data analysers
  • Stay up-to-date with the performance of trade partners via our near-live feed of high-frequency macroeconomic indicators
  • Understand economic and market dynamics at a city-level within target countries using our unique and dynamic city profiles, which provide both expert analysis and regularly updated key performance indicators
  • Save money - fulfil all your information needs within a single subscription
  • Benefit from broad intelligence you can rely on - originating from some of the world's leading and most trusted B2B sources

Market Intelligence

  • Market dashboards tracking 23 key industry sectors across 50+ countries
  • 2,250+ market profiles
  • Interactive databases, enabling you to quickly identify & compare trends within our extensive market datasets
  • 17,000+ curated market indicators & drivers

Competitive Intelligence

  • 75,000+company profiles including SWOT analyses for the top 10,000
  • Quarterly and annual company financials

Country & City Intelligence

  • 100 country dashboards
  • Macroeconomic data feeds covering 200+ countries
  • 100 country profiles, providing analysis of the key economic, political and social indicators
  • Thousands of high-frequency indicators tracked across 50 cities
  • 100+ city profiles, with new cities added every month

News & Events

  • 400,000 news articles tracking key economic, industry & competitive events each year
  • 50,000+ financial deals tracked per annum