Academic Intelligence Legal Services Solutions


World Market Intelligence is designed to suit the intelligence needs of a variety of organization types, including academic institutions, public libraries, advertising and marketing firms, business consultancies, government departments, legal service providers and technology transfer offices:

Academic Institutions

World Market Intelligence brings together business intelligence from some of the world's foremost B2B publishers within one unique solution. Offering a combination of unique content and functionality, as well as comprehensive country, city, market and company information, WMI is an invaluable tool for students, researchers and academic departments worldwide.

Advertising and Marketing

World Market Intelligence offers a rounded solution to those working in advertising, media planning and marketing, which enables subscribers to identify and understand clients and their needs.


When you need information you can trust to make a real difference to your projects with a minimum of effort, World Market Intelligence can be relied on to deliver. Our solution provides broad intelligence on economies and markets in a format that easily integrates into your projects.


World Market Intelligence is an invaluable tool for those working on government research projects, providing millions of pages of data and analysis on countries, cities, market and companies worldwide. Whether you are conducting a quick market overview or detailed market assessment, WMI delivers the information and tools you need to complete projects successfully.

Legal Services

World Market Intelligence is an all-in-one research solution that delivers the intelligence you need, efficiently and effectively. Legal professionals can source new clients and reduce research costs through a subscription to WMI.

Technology Transfer

World Market Intelligence delivers the intelligence needed throughout the entire Technology Transfer process, via a cutting edge platform and user interface.